Terms of SERVICE



At SimpleStuff. Creative Agency, we value you as our client above all else, so please read the following terms carefully to make sure you’re well informed:

  1. Service

    1.1. These terms and conditions outline the terms of SimpleStuff. Creative Agency’s service which include, and are limited to the original quote provided.
    1.2. Any additional services provided outside of the initial quote will not be included in the original price and will be billed accordingly as approved by our client prior to engaging additional work.

    1.3 All additional works requested that incur additional costs require mandatory approval from the engaging client.

    1.4 Upon signing of the provided quote, SimpleStuff. Creative Agency value that as a binding form of engagement for the services outlined in said quote. If all services are fulfilled, payment is mandatory.

    1.5 We have a duty to provide all services outlined in signed off quote and provide up to three variations per service if the client is not satisfied with the product provided; excluding web design which may be edited however not completely restarted as costs are already incurred.

    1.6 Three additional variations per service do not incur additional costs on original quote price, unless it can be confirmed that the service was provided correctly.

  2. Fees and Payments

    2.1 You agree to pay all fees and charges incurred by you after signing off on requested quote at the rates outlined in your quote in which such fees and charges are incurred, including, but not limited to applicable taxes, and charges for any products or services offered for sale through the Service by SimpleStuff. Creative Agency or by any third party engaged by SimpleStuff. Creative Agency.

    2.2 The payment amount is the amount agreed to on the order/quote form at the time of sale.

    2.3 SimpleStuff. Creative works closely with you to identify realistic goals and timelines and employ the appropriate mix of tactics to maximize your exposure, leads success and clientele growth. Completion timeframes may vary due to the service provided (e.g, 1-2 Business Days for Graphic Design Services or 15 Business Days for Web Development etc). This will be discussed prior to commencement of requested works.

    2.4 We do not require payment for service until completion of quoted services, excluding ongoing Social Media Consultation and Management which adhere to a Net 14 day payment period for services provided in the previous period.


We reserve the right to use works completed for our customers for our own promotional and marketing material, including and not limited to displaying our completed works and content on our website.

Upon completion of works, you may be asked to provide a review of the services you provided. This is not a mandatory requirement, however helps strengthen our business and is much appreciated.