How Much do you charge FOR YOUR SERVICE?

Our price point varies depending on what you require or what is recommended for your business. The packages provided are tailor made to suit the needs of yourself and your business.

To lock in a more definitive price, please contact us at simplestuffca@gmail.com.

If we engage your services, how long does the process take?

This is dependent once again on what services you are undertaking; for simple content for social media it will only take 1-2 business days, whereas a simple website will take 10 business days depending on content required, however on-going Social Media services can continue as long as you need.

Who is Involved with Delivering these services to me?

A large majority of all contracted works are completed by the team at SimpleStuff. However, if a request is made for a product or service that we cannot provide alone, we have a detailed list of qualified and creative companies and freelancers that can assist us in providing what you need.